Nothing worse than a soggy bottom during a mountain adventure. Grab a pair of Trilaminate Suspender Pants from Wilderness Technology before your next outing and keep your undershorts dry all day long.

The Wilderness Technology Trilaminate Suspender Pants will serve you well from anywhere up on the mountain to traveling around town in wet weather. These pants are made with durable three-layer construction for waterproof & breathable protection.

These come equipped with 8k waterproof protection, making them waterproof, but also breathable so you're not going to get super sweaty in there! This is a great item for skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. They also work well with crampons. As an added bonus the removable internal gator system keeps the snow out of your boots and helps keep your feet dry.

The gusseted crotch eliminates bulky seams, allowing for greater freedom of movement and comfort. Waterproof zippers on the stash pockets allow access while shedding unwanted moisture. The full-leg zippers are also waterproof and make easy it to get in or out of the pants while also controlling ventilation. The built-in suspenders are strong and adjust to fit most sizes.

The Wilderness Technology Trilaminate Suspender Pant can be found either our Portland or Sandy location on online at

Like all Wilderness Technology products, the Trilaminate pants come with a common-sense lifetime warranty so if something goes wrong, we can replace them for you at any of our locations.