The rudder that comes stock on your Hobie is functional and works well, however, compared to the larger Twist and Stow Sailing Blade, it's small. Installing a larger rudder will help your boat stay straight and offer increased stability. Everything becomes easier on the water if you feel stable and comfortable, even when the wind and the waves are smacking the side of your boat.

In this video, Hunter from the Next Adventure Paddle Sports Center shows you how to easily install your new Hobie Rudder Blade.



The stock rudder blade that comes equipped on Hobie Kayaks works well and helps you steer and keeps your boat relatively stable. However, if you frequently take your kayak in choppier waters or high wind environments having a little bit more stability and a bigger rudder blade can be a huge advantage. The added stability helps you stay in control and feel comfortable out on the water.

Installing the larger Hobie Rudder Blade is a simple upgrade that only involves six bolts. Each one of those is attached to a nut that recess into the fin itself. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, unscrew each one. Don’t lose these, we’ll be attaching the new Rudder Blade with these same nuts and bolts.

Once the old Rudder Blade has been removed, insert the reserved nuts into the recessed holes on the new blade. Flip the blade over so your nuts are on the bottom, line the holes up with the attachment plate on your Hobie Kayak, and start threading the bolts back in. You may need to hold the nuts on the bottom side so that they don't get pushed out as you insert the bolts. This whole process takes about three to five minutes even if you run into a hiccup or two.

If you do want to put a sail on your Hobie, it is absolutely recommended that you do this. Having a larger rudder blade is an advantage and an easy & inexpensive upgrade for your Hobie kayak.