One of the best things about Hobie Kayaks is the ability to accessorize the boat and make it perfectly fit your needs. Let's take a look at our 5 favorite accessories designed to get you on the water and fishing like a pro.


Today we’re going to take a look at our five favorite accessories to add onto a Hobie Fishing Kayak.

One of the coolest things about Hobie Kayaks is that once you have your boat you can accessorize it and make it uniquely yours. Gear and accessories can be configured to create a system that works just for you whether you're out fishing, taking pictures, or just cruising around.

Hobie has created a wide variety of accessories and parts. With these Hobie pieces, you're able to build and customize as you want. They're kind of like Lego parts, you can build something complex or you can keep it simple. It’s completely up to you and your kayaking needs.

Large Rudder Blade

The first accessory we like to suggest is a Large Rudder. The rudder that comes stock on your Hobie is functional and works well. This is your main steering device and also helps your boat track straight but, compared to the larger blade option, it's pretty small. When you experience choppier waters and windier days, having a larger rudder will help your boat stay straight and offer increased stability. Everything becomes easier on the water if you feel stable and comfortable, even when the wind and the waves are smacking the side of your boat.


Turbo Fin Kit

The second big upgrade is the Hobie Turbo Fin Kit. Hobie boats come equipped with the awesome MirageDrive. As you pedal forward and backwards, it drives the fins forward and back, propelling you through the water, almost like the wings of a penguin. The fins that comes stock on most Hobie Kayaks are larger enough to move you quickly through the water. But an easy upgrade to a Hobie Turbo Fin turns your boat into a power machine. You can move quicker using less total effort. Upgrading to the Turbo Fin is easy. You can do this upgrade at home using simple tools or we can do the installation here at the shop as well.

If you tire easily or plan on spending extended days on the water, sticking with the smaller stock fins may be a better idea so you don't wear yourself out. Reconsider upgrading with a Turbo Fin Kit once you've used your Hobie for a little while and feel the need to move faster.

MirageDrive Leash Kit

Our third accessory recommendation is probably the most affordable on our list. It could also end up saving you the most. Make sure to get a Leash Kit for your drive. Under the horrible event that you flip over your Hobie Kayak, you may lose items that aren't firmly attached to your boat. The big item that you never want to lose is your MirageDrive drive. This is the motor to your boat. If you lose your drive while out in the middle of the lake, you're going to have to paddle yourself back. The Leash Kit is easy insurance. Clip one end securely to the kayak and the other end onto the drive. If the boat does flip over and the drive locking mechanism fails, the MirageDrive will stay with the boat. These are very expensive to replace and that's not what you want when you're out with your boat having a relaxing day.


Gear Tracks

Gear tracks are the fourth item on our list. They allow you to add a multitude of accessories to your boat, including items like rod holders, a safety flag, or maybe an action camera and a fish finder. Some kayaks come factory equipped with gear tracks built into the boat. If not, they can be easily added. You can also add additional gear tracks wherever you need them. They come in a variety of sizes and securely attach your accessories utilizing a bolt and base plate system.


Scotty Gear Head Track Adapter

Number five is the Scotty Gear Head track adapter. The Gear Head Adaptor easily accepts rod holder units, camera mounts, and fish finders. Just about any accessory can be quickly plugged into the Gear Head, then removed and swapped out with other accessories just as quickly. Whether you're fishing for trout or salmon or a giant halibut out in the ocean, you can mix and match accessories depending on the trip you're going on.

We can do all these installations here at the Next Adventure Paddle Sports Centers. Come on in, we've can make suggestions for you, and we've got the right gear for your kayak. Let’s get you set up and ready to roll.