Winter is almost here and we're stoked. Things look different this year, but we're still ready to hit the mountain.

Below is a list of some of our newest winter gear additions on the site, and in the store. We’ve got a few team favorites making a return for 2021, like the Lib Tech Orca and Ride Superpig snowboards. And new for this year is a killer selection of skis from Line and K2.

We'll be updating our site and our channels with the coolest gear at the best prices. Stay safe out there.

Questions? We wanna hear 'em! Reach out to us on social media or stop in and chat with one of our experts.

Winter Kingdom



Line Skis

Line Pandora 94 Womens 2021:
Skiing isn't supposed to feel like a job, so snap up the Line Skis Pandora 94 Skis to put the fun back in your ride. Blending lightweight construction with a versatile shape, these firecrackers have an approachable personality that can handle just about anything you put in front of them. Whether you're playing in the trees, painting fresh lines through powder or greasing it down a groomer, the Pandora 94s are sure to put a smile on your face.

Line Pandora 104 Womens 2021:
It's nuking outside and the snow is stacking up. When morning comes, will it be 2 inches of dust on crust or a foot and a half of blower? With the Line Skis Pandora 104 Skis in your quiver you can rest easy knowing that, whatever tomorrow brings, it'll be a blast. At 104mm underfoot they float like a charm, but they have plenty of power under the hood for firm conditions thanks to full length Carbon Magic Fingers™ that boost stability and edge-hold. For an approachable daily driver to marry deep snow performance with hardpack competence and thrive no matter what the conditions bring, look no further than the Pandora 104s.

Line Sakana Skis 2021:
"All-mountain" can sometimes be a byword for skis that can hang well enough, but register a solid "meh" on the fun-ometer. The Line Skis Sakana Skis shatter this tired trope with an energetic, playful personality that will have you memorizing the location of every side hit and wind lip on the mountain. The distinctive swallowtail design means they punch well above their weight in powder, while a remarkably tight radius helps crack out the kind of quick, snappy carving turns that remind you why you fell in love with skiing in the first place. Make room in the quiver for the Sakanas, you won't be sorry.

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K2 Skis

K2 Mindbender Women's 90c Alliance:
When you need something that's easy to bend but stands up to full-on charging, the K2 Mindbender 90C Alliance is the only option. String it up for your first freeride whip or push off confidently into the bumps. These energized skis harness the Spectral Braid in a lightweight package to keep you going lap after lap.

K2 Mindbender Men's 90c
Harnessing the same Spectral Braid featured in some of the wider brethren, the Mindbender 90C offers the same torsional rigidity with a lighter energized vibe. Snappy, quick, and ready to rip, the Mindbender 90C Skis are your go-to.

K2 Mindbender Men's 99ti:
Quick edge-to-edge? Check. Absurd float in pow? Oh you bet.

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Lib Tech Skis

Lib Tech Women’s Libstick skis:
ALL MOUNTAIN EVERYWHERE. Lib Tech's new Women’s LibStick 98 in a perfect all terrain width creates the go anywhere and everywhere ski. A playful early rise tip and tail combined with a women’s specific core, forward mounting location and medium/firm flexing body plus Magne-Traction® serrated edge power technology combine to create an amazing versatile resort ski that is ready to rip groomers and tear through variable conditions with ease and confidence. The LibStick 98 is the perfect combination of being light and easy with great overall performance, stability and edge hold to allow you to ski anywhere you want to go.

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ON3P Skis

ON3P Stock-Custom Skis:
ON3P offered us exclusive access to their custom ski designs! Built by hand in Portland, Oregon, these are normally only available at, we have a limited run of "stock customs", including some Team Edition graphics. These are your favorite ON3P models, with limited-edition builds using their custom topsheet graphics, sidewalls, and bases. Available for a limited time, shop these rare gems here at Next Adventure.

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RMU Skis

Valhalla Women's 107 2020:
The Valhalla 107 has added a longer radius and more effective edge from its predecessor (Valhalla 104) to increase stability and speed. It's matched with a brand new low rise rocker to allow it to slash pow and carve groomers from top to bottom. The Valhalla 107 was designed by women for ripping! RMU enlisted the help of Olympian Keri Herman and the local Breckenridge community of female skiers to design a big mountain ski perfect for any condition.

Valhalla Women's 97 2020:
The Valhalla 97 was designed by women for ripping skiers. RMU enlisted the help of Olympian Keri Herman and the local Breckenridge community of female skiers to design an all mountain ski perfect for any condition. The Valhalla 97 has added a longer radius and more effective edge from its predecessor (Valhalla 95) to increase stability and speed. The newly updated low rise rocker to allow it to slash pow and carve groomers from top to bottom.

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Rossignol Skis

Rossignol Blackops Sender TI 2021:
Powder days, big lines and spring ripping. The Blackops Sender Ti responds with a full-gas, send-it attitude in all conditions. It combines a balanced wood core and a race-developed layup for an energized ride that holds its course in all terrain and any speed. Tighten your boots and be ready to go all in, anywhere, anytime, and at any speed.

Rossignol Blackops Sender 2021:
Ride free. Fresh tracks to hardpack, the Blackops Sender is your ticket to ride the whole mountain. It brings an effortless, responsive feel to go anywhere the snow takes you, inbounds or out. Vibration dampening tech balances a lightweight wood core for the versatility to cruise or charge at will. Fly beyond the boundaries and roll through mixed conditions without hesitation.

Rossignol Women's Blackops Rallybird Ti 2021:
Step on it. The women's Blackops Rallybird Ti is a full gas, go-anywhere ski for skiers who share the first-to-last-chair attitude. Powder missions and resort shred sessions alike, it delivers a full edge arc and plenty of float to harness gravity's pull in all conditions. It fuses a lively wood core with vibration dampening tech to deliver a playful balance of energy and control that sets you free to ride at will.

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Lib Tech Snowboards

Lib Tech Travis Rice Orca 2021:
Not your gutless fish. Travis has juiced up this Jackson Hole resort slasher into an apex all terrain tech shred predator. A long floaty nose combined with a powerful poppy contact maximizing short radius “Whale Tail Technology”. A tight 7m trench gougin' sidecut. Wide enough to allow you to really put it on a hardpack rail with no toe drag and oat pillows like a dream but still narrow enough to be your daily driver all season long. Take it to AK, drop BC pillow stacks or blow minds at the home resort all season. A mammal to eat all fish. TR. Award-winning!

Lib Tech Dynamo C3 2020:
The Lib Tech experiMENTAL Division’s all new dreamy camber directional all terrain freestyle ready freerider. A low entry directional nose for float in the crud and pow combined with a powerful C3 camber contour. The Dynamo is an instant power freeride/ freestyle classic.

Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro Blunt 2021:
Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro Pointy 2021:
Travis’ favorite Jackson Hole designed / globally tested shapes in lightweight, long lasting, powerful HP construction. The T.Rice Pro HP is a very versatile stick that will allow you to push your limits and is still fun and playful enough to be the perfect daily driver. A perfect snowboard from the world’s best snowboarder.

Lib Tech Skunk Ape 2021:
Lib Tech's experiMENTAL Division’s big guy “dream board” project. Constant testing and refinement by Trevor Phillips, Krush Kulesza, Neil Green and Kurt Jensen make this the best larger gentlemen’s power freestyle stick on the planet. Put it on rail or on a rail, your toes won’t drag but your knuckles might. Built in ultra-light HP construction for easy on the front foot chair rides.

Lib Tech MC Snake Kink 2021:
Matt Cummins’ latest experimental creation in the quest to get the most out of a single snowboard. Dual threat nose profile on a modern camber C3 contour allows the Kink to be ridden in hard challenging hardpack and ice conditions and then float like crazy in powder. Explore the untapped shred potential of the Snake Kink nose... elevated performance and creative opportunity is built in.

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GNU Snowboards

GNU Billy Goat C3 2020:
Temple Cummins’ favorite freestyle based Banked Slalom winning freeride geometries refined with a new floaty directional nose and secret speed flow subtleties. Navigate advanced terrain with an untouchable precision, unique power and mystique. Temple’s Billy Goat will take you through terrain terror without a care.

GNU Riders Choice 2021:
From design to performance our riders had a heavy hand on this one. Asymmetry, slightly wider waist widths that rail, float and poppy stable C2 hybrid contours that slide, carve and plane. An unreal eco construction that is built to blast and last. It’s quite possibly the best board we have ever made.

GNU RC C3 2021:
Camber on a Riders Choice Board... excited about this one! As a gift to all you progression technicians, contest contenders, and camber lovers GNU put their proven Riders Choice geometries on a poppy, a high performance C3 Camber chassis! With a rugged, fast, black knife cut sintered base, a light weight long lasting Aspen, Paulownia core and eco-sublimated poly top... the RCC3 is quite possibly the best freestyle snowboard GNU has ever made.

GNU Women's Asym B-Nice BTX 2020:
B Nice, words to live by. This board lives up to its name with its nice, approachable shape, graphics, construction and technology. Asymmetry improves performance and reduces fatigue with effortless edge control and playful pop. Elevate your nice snowboarding to Unreal Snowboarding when you find Balance Through Asymmetry.

GNU Ladies Choice 2021:
The Ladies Choice is a reflection of Jamie Anderson’s balance between progression and playfulness. Packaging the most progressive asym technology with eco-friendly construction, the Ladies Choice is an all mountain freestyle work of art. Clear nylon topsheets made with bio beans show through to the sustainably harvested wood cores. The choice for ladies with all mountain freestyle flow.

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Ride Snowboards

Ride Warpig 2021:
If you're an all-mountain rider looking for a directional board to rip the whole mountain from breakfast 'til dinner, you're in luck. The Ride Warpig Snowboard has got the chops to deliver what you need. The pork chops anyway. Grab a slice of this thick-cut fully-rockered bacon and turn the mountain into your personal all-you-can-eat buffet.

Ride Berzerker 2021:
The Ride Berzerker was built for the all-mountain rider looking for performance in all conditions. Its shape reduces tip curvature and adds a small amount of taper to improve edge-to-edge speed and float in powder. The Tapered Quadratic Sidecut has also been enhanced to improve stability and edge hold, making the Berzerker exceptionally stable at high speeds. Carbon Slimerods 2.0 utilizes carbon for added pop with a slime-core to smooth out landings. Throw in a Directional Hybrid Camber and a Performance Core and you have a board that will sail through groomers and pow, and cut through ice like a saw.

Ride Superpig 2021:
The Superpig is new to Ride's Pig line, and includes their top-end materials combined with the Warpig shape for all-terrain domination. The stiff flex and directional shape offer unmatched control for riding through steep sections and big jump features alike, where the Hybrid Camber profile blends float, forgiveness, and power for launching natural features into deep powder. Designed for aggressive riders looking to leave their mark across the entire mountain, the Superpig features carbon in the core, laminates, and base for insane response and strength, while a lightweight construction keeps you light on your feet so that you can keep lapping fresh powder turns without exhaustion.

Ride Twin Pig 2021:
As evidenced by the glorious addition of bacon to a pulled pork sandwich, double the pig is usually a good call. The Ride Twinpig Snowboard is the true twin rendition of Ride s Pig line. In addition to the squared off tip and playful DNA inherited from the Warpig, this little piggy features asymmetrical sidecuts and a mellow, park friendly flex profile. The Twinpig bites into turns with ease and overflows with saucy style on natural features and freestyle hits.

Ride Women's Psychocandy 2021:
Based on Ride s popular Warpig unisex board, the Ride Psychocandy Snowboard is a directional rip stick for women who shred the whole mountain. After a single dose of Psychocandy, you'll be floating over powder, tearing down hardpack, and slithering between trees like a maniac. This board is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Ride Women's Saturday 2020:
A Quadratic Sidecut improves turn initiation/exit and edge grip. Slimewalls® provide a smooth ride and increase durability by absorbing impact. Carbon Array 3™ provides extra pop and control without adding stiffness. The Saturday is a mid-flexing twin built for the intermediate to advanced riders.

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Slash Snowboards

Slash Brainstorm 2020:
Ready to brave even the biggest of squalls and the sloppiest of chop. The Brainstorm is a highly versatile, maneuverable, and capable directional twin for charging a bevy of conditions and terrain.

Slash Floater 2020:
The Floater has a midwide shape, pointy nose, and the subtle swallowtail give it optimal float and stability in shorter lengths. Its backseat camrock profile aids in floatation while minimizing edge catch.

Slash ATV 2020:
This is the original Slash craft - a flyweight, reactive and mighty directional twin. It has a positive camber profile for stout ollies and pure carves. The Forever Core consists of a hybrid mix of high-end woods (paulownia, spruce, beech and poplar) for a tough, lightweight and attuned feel.

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Nidecker Snowboards

Nidecker Women's Venus 2019:
The Venus is specially designed for riders who like an added touch of performance in their all mountain freeriding. The directional shape gives the board lots of drive, but with only a 1cm difference between the nose and the tail, it’s great fun, and easy to ride switch.

Nidecker Youth Micron Magic 2020:
The Micron Magic is a board Nidecker designed especially for kids who are just learning to ride and want to move from the bunny slopes to the blue runs fast. It’s a twin tip with just the right amount of pop for learning to turn and taking your first jumps, and softness to be easy to control and comfortable to ride for growing, young bodies.

Nidecker Play 2020:
The Nidecker Play is an ideal board for anyone looking for a really easy board to ride. The twin directional shape of the Play makes it easy to control, perfect for completing first your first turns safely. The soft flex offers a smooth, fatigue free ride, also great for novices or those who’ve been off the slopes for a while.

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Arbor Snowboards

Arbor Westmark Rocker Blem 2020:
Arbor Westmark Camber Blem 2020:
The Westmark is a freestyle-specific twin with blunted tips for increased surface area when taking off, landing, buttering, and pressing. A medium flex means you'll be able to easily lock into a nose press without sacrificing the stability and pop you need for bigger gaps in the park and on the mountain. A repeat winner of the TWS Good Wood Award in both Rocker and System Camber versions, The Westmark is guaranteed to satisfy any rider's appetite whether you prefer the buttery ease of rocker or the rebound of camber.

Arbor Shilo Rocker Blem 2020:
Arbor Shilo Camber Blem 2020:
The Shiloh is a versatile mountain twin tailored for experienced freeriders who need a board to deliver quick edge-to-edge performance, snappy takeoffs and stable landings. A daily driver, the Shiloh excels in backcountry freestyle, but will hold its own anywhere on the mountain including trees, groomers, and the park. artist collaboration with Portland based designer, Aaron James Draplin, countless design contributions to the world of snowboarding.

Arbor Element Rocker Blem 2020:
The Element is the board that launched the Arbor brand. Over the years, it has become a cornerstone, evolving with the times to remain the perfect all-terrain design. The Element is a mountain twin built for super clean, highly reliable performance and constructed with a focus on quality craftsmanship. This quintessential board speaks to Arbor's core mission and is sure to remain a classic for years to come.

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Bataleon Snowboards

Bataleon Women's Storm 2020:
The Bataleon Storm is an all-mountain machine is worthy of the most epic conditions and will carry you through any storm.

Bataleon Women's She W 2020:
Taking its cues from the popular Global Warmer, the She W is a high end park board, built for riders that demand the very best from their gear. It’s soft yet stable flex will give you all the support you need.

Bataleon The One 2020:
The One is the best all-mountain board money can buy. It’s built with years of 3D design knowledge and assembled with the best materials available. From pow to groomers, this board can handle it all with ease.

Bataleon Whatever 2020:
The name says it all. The Whatever is an all around freestyle board that does everything, and does it well. Whatever the terrain, whatever the conditions, the Whatever takes it in stride.

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Black Diamond Jetforce airbag packs:
The Black Diamond JetForce Tour utilizes the rapid-discharging, capacitor-based Alpride E1 system, which is a new innovation in airbag pack technology. Featuring a fully-electronic, turbine-based fan system powered by supercapacitors, the JetForce Tour is cartridge free, making travel easy, and it charges via a micro USB and two AA batteries. The system is compact and simple to use, with a single on/off switch and blinking status indicator lights that can be visibly checked from the outside of the pack while being worn.

BCA Tracker S avalanche transceiver:
The BCA Tracker S is based on the tried-and-true Tracker 3 beacon but in a stripped-down less expensive version. This is one of the smallest and lightest beacons available for the money and is intuitive and easy to use for beginners and avy professionals alike. Check this one out next time you’re in the store.

Mammut Barryvox S Avalanche Beacon
Digital/analog combo device with three antennas. The new Barryvox® S has a large receiving bandwidth and an effective search strip width of 70 meters. It offers users a large, simple interface and intuitive operation. The Smart Search function provides clear instructions thanks to a simple operating concept and quick, precise searching. The Barryvox® S includes the Rescue SEND function to protect non-searching rescuers. In the event of a secondary avalanche, the device automatically switches to SEND in order to locate buried rescuers. The Barryvox® S is also equipped with a Smart Search function, which interacts with the actions of searching rescuers.

Wilderness Technology Glacier 30 Ski & Snowboard Pack:
Going out into the backcountry for a full day of riding and need a pack that won't let you down? The Glacier 30 has you covered! Unzip the back panel for easy access to the pack's main compartment. Stash your ice axe on the included ice too pick pockets. Easy to access hip belt pockets are perfect for storing your favorite hiking fuel to keep you going all day long.

RMU MTN BRFCS Travel Breifcase
This is a 35L carry on, with expansion capacity to 50L. A storable backpack harness for catching that connecting flight, and also converts to a shoulder bag. Interior details like sidewall pockets, enough room for ski boots, a removable compression strap (with a bottle opener), and RMU's false floor that allows for stashing valuables...all add up to a highly capable travel companion. Weatherproof fabric, aluminum hardware, and locking zippers make it tough enough for baggage handlers. Exterior straps make the BRFCS roller bag friendly by placing the handle through the webbing on the front.

RMU Core Pack
Specifically designed for trail sports, the Core Pack 15L is a hydration quiver killer built for the journey + adventure. Innovative features and best-in-class quality deliver the ultimate day pack.