Coolmax Adaptor Liner

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Coolmax Adaptor Liner

Coolmax Adaptor Liner is available to buy in increments of 1

The Coolmax® Adaptor Liner provides a soft and refreshing feel while you travel through humid and tropical climates. The Coolmax® fabric is manufactured to 'wick-away' or manage moisture by dispersing sweat throughout a wide surface area to promote evaporation. The fabric itself is known to resist shrinking and wrinkling much like cotton would. If you feel constricted in other liners, that this would be the recommendation for you.


  • Coolmax® fabric wicks sweat away to sustain a refreshed feeling while in warm or tropical areas.
  • This liner can be used on its own while traveling in hostels or cabins or used as a layer within a sleeping bag system.
  • Will helps keep you feeling cool in warm weather and slightly insulate you when temperatures are mild.
  • Fabric is stretchy and comfortable on skin.
  • Using a liner will help resist skin oils and dust from accumulating inside a sleeping bag. The liner will likely be easier to wash than a down-filled bag.
  • Machine wash and air dry. Avoid dryer sheets and fabric softener to maintain wicking performance.
  • Includes a Sil nylon stuff sack.
  • Liner Dimensions:   3' × 7'
  • Packed Size:   3" × 5"


Packed Size Comparison

Mummy: Similar to a red cup that is solo.
Rectangular: Similar to a red cup that is solo.


Mummy: 8.7 oz ≈ Two sticks of butter
Rectangular: 11.6 oz ≈ Two tubes of toothpaste


Feels like your favorite t-shirt, but wicks moisture even better.