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Croakies Size Chart

Compare the tallest part of your frame's end or temple to a mm ruler to determine size. Then find the eyewear retainer that best fits your frame size and wearing preference. 

Frame Fit

 Size Micro Regular XL XXL
Croakies 2-3mm 4-6mm 7-9mm   
XL Croakies   5-6mm  7-10mm 11-12mm
Suiters    4-6mm 7-9mm  
XL Suiters   4-6mm 7-10mm 11-12mm
Micro Suiters 2-3mm 4-6mm  7-9mm  
Terra Spec Cords 2-3mm 4-6mm 7-10mm 11-15mm
Croakies Floater   5-6mm 7-10mm 11-12mm
Stealth Floater   4-6mm 7-9mm  
Lycra Suiter Floater   4-6mm 7-9mm  
Interchangeable Ends
Arc System 2-3mm 4-6mm 7-10mm 11-13mm
Terra System 2-3mm 4-6mm 7-10mm 11-13mm
World Cords with Spec Ends 2-3mm 4-6mm 7-10mm 11-15mm