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Dueter Backpack Sizing

SL (Slim Line) Collection: The fit for women

The fit of Dueter backpacks is based on an average person of athletic build. Since not everyone meets the norm, women’s styles may very well fit some men while in turn men’s models may be comfortable for some women.

SL models have:

  • A shorter back: Women usually have a slightly shorter back than men. Our SL carrying systems are therefore adapted to the female anatomy and have a shorter cut.
  • Narrower shoulder straps: the SL shoulder straps have a pronounced S-shape and soft edges all around. In addition, the ends of the straps taper off narrowly - for a perfect fit in the shoulder area. Close straps are designed to fit the narrower female shoulders.
  • Conically shaped hip fins: the closed SL hip fins form a cone to fit the female anatomy perfectly. This conical shape is created by the upwardly converging lugs and the anatomically adapted design of the SL hip fins. The fins nestle seamlessly to the female hip.

EL series (Extra Long): the fit for long backs

The Extra Long (EL) backpacks offer perfect wearing comfort for tall people! Athletes between 1.85 and 2.00 metres in height often have a hard time finding backpacks that fit them. We have therefore extended the back lengths of the most popular Deuter backpack models by six to nine centimetres to match the proportions of larger persons. The backpacks of the Extra Long (EL) Series also offer a larger amount of space with more volume. The back system, properties and details of the individual EL models are the same as the corresponding standard model.