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Snowball Slinger


Snowball Slinger

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Build a massive armory of snowballs for the battle ahead. The Snowballer makes the perfectly sized and packed snow balls every time.

  • Snowball maker and thrower – make snowballs in seconds and launch them at your friends with the snow slinger! Made in the U.S.A., This winter toy molds perfect spheres for maximum Snowball fun. This toy’s snowball-forming cup stays open and packs tight snowballs with its optimally shaped scooper, and the easy-to-use slinger has a hand grip that prevents little palms from slipping.
  • Flexible handle – the long handle of the snow slinger is extremely flexible, allowing children to fling snowballs with ease and launch them incredible distances
  • No cold hands – this handy-dandy snow slinger prevents kids’ hands from getting cold. Its long handle ensures that Boys and girls need not touch the icy ground in order to mold snowballs. With no risk, children can play safely and comfortably in the snow without any worries.
  • Perfect holiday gift – this slinger is made for the winter season, which also makes it a perfect gift for kids during the holidays – a perfect stocking stuffer! The children in your life will definitely be amazed by this useful addition to their repertoire of toys, as it adds a new twist to the age-old game of throwing snowballs with friends. Give it as a holiday present to your little ones and watch them scoop and sling snow for hours.
  • Suitable for kids ages 4 and up – this scoop-pack-sling toy is ideal for children who love playing outdoors during winter. This innovative snow toy will allow them to run around having Snowball fights for the ultimate wintertime fun