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Essential Kayak Skills 1 Pool Session


Why wait until high summer to get your first taste of kayaking? Our Essentials Kayak Skills Pool Session give you the opportunity to try out kayaking in the comfort of a heated pool, and even have a little bit of fun while you do it. We will introduce the basics including familiarizing yourself with kayak terminology, essential safety, and give you a couple of strokes to get you paddling with some games and activities to cement the learning. By the end of your session, you will be ready to jump into our Essential Skills 2 Class, rent a boat on your own, or branch our to whatever style of kayaking you enjoy. Come on in; kayaking is easy and the water is warm!

The Deal

Where: Columbia Pool, North Portland

Time: 8:00-9:30 pm

Days: Monday


How long: 1.5 hours

Student to Teacher Ratio: 4:1

Experience Necessary: No experience required.

Equipment Needed: All necessary equipment will be provided. If you would like to try a Sit-On-Top style kayak, please contact us ahead of time

Succeeding Classes: Essential Kayak Skills 2; Quick Start Safety and Rescues; Start Your Adventure! Kayak Touring Beginner 2.5 Day Class.