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Spring Condition Ski and Snowboard Tuning Clinic

Spring Condition Ski and Snowboard Tuning Clinic

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Spring Condition Ski & Snowboard Tuning Clinic

Date: March 21st
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Next Adventure, 426 SE Grand Ave
Cost: $20 in advance - Fee covers a base grind, stone grind, and edge prior to the clinic.

Learn how to care for your skis and snowboards! Our team of Techs will provide hands-on instruction on basic tuning concepts and the specifics of spring conditions, like warm weather waxes and summer storage. All attendees will leave with a complete tune (that they perform!) on their own equipment.

Please bring your equipment in anytime during the week prior to the event for a base grind and edge before the clinic. You are welcome to leave your equipment with us until the clinic, at which time we will help you wax, scrape, buff and complete a basic tune.