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Starlight Snowshoe Tour

Starlight Snowshoe Tour


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Starlight Snowshoe Tour



Join Next Adventure as we explore the Mount Hood National Forest by starlight!


Everything is different when you hike in the dark. Add snow to the mix and you get an exhilarating adventure that heightens the senses. Familiar trails become new again, blanketed in crisp white snow on.


Snowshoeing is a great way to explore the beautiful snow-covered landscapes of the Mt. Hood National Forest. And it’s easy! If you can walk, you can snowshoe. Let Next Adventure help you enjoy your time outside by providing the transportation, free gear rental, and instruction from an experienced guide.



Mt. Hood National Forest


$70 per person
Transportation and Equipment included


No Previous Experience Necessary
For more details and information visit Outdoor School Full Moon Snowshoe Tours.


Snowshoeing Mt Hood


For a full list of classes and tours visit the Next Adventure Outdoor School.