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PDX Kayaker Film Festival

PDX Kayaker Film Festival

PDXKayaker Film Fest
PDXKayaker made its official debut in November 1999. It started as a yahoo group page to share stories of recent runs, post photos and videos, inquire about river levels, make plans, meet others, and coordinate kayak parties. The group quickly grew to become a genuine community of boaters that continues to expand across the PNW. PDXkayaker includes thousands of friends who are passionate about paddling and now includes all types of paddling and paddlers.

We’re excited to announce that, to celebrate the past, present, and future of the PdxKayaker Community, we are throwing a filmfest party and we hope you’ll join us! Since the early days, Next Adventure has been a proud partner of the PDXKayaker community. We were hosting events, parties, and competitions before there was even a paddle sports center. Next Adventure supports a genuine love for the sport and the people who share our passion for rivers.

Check out the event listing on FACEBOOK for all the details!