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Tuesday Stoke Night - “Benchetler’s Fire on the Mountain & more”

Tuesday Stoke Night - “Benchetler’s Fire on the Mountain & more”

Tuesday, March 10th
6:00 - 9:00 pm
Base Camp Brewing


The fusion of music, painting, surfing, and skiing brings a unique artistic edge to Chris Benchetler’s style. A journey on the road with Chris and his van in Chasing AdVANture gives us a great look into the inspiration behind his art.
After following the van from the mountains to the coast, we will show Pathology, a film about snowboarding and humans. Bryan Fox and friends showcase that they will do whatever it takes to ride down a snowy hill.
To finish the evening, we will jump back on the Benchetler train. We celebrate the fusion of art, music, and the mountains with TGR’s Fire on the Mountain, innovative style combined with classic Grateful Dead tunes make this film one of a kind!
Raffle proceeds will go towards Mt. Hood Ski Patrol as they gear up for their tryouts on March 14th.
Tuesday Stoke Night