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Motionize Paddling Clinic and Demostration w/ Doughnuts and Coffee

Motionize Paddling Clinic and Demostration w/ Doughnuts and Coffee

Date: July 24th
Time: 9:30am-11:00am
Location: Milwaukie Riverfront Park
Cost: $5


Paddle into a new age with Next Adventure and Motionize at our first Motionize Me: Demo Event. Motionize seeks to bring virtual coaching, exercise tracking and social outreach into the world of kayaking. A tool for fitness tracking, stroke refinement, and sharing your awesome paddling routes, the Motionize Edge pairs your smart phone (in a waterproof case of course) with two sensors to give you real time paddle stroke analysis.

To show off this awesome technology, Next Adventure will be hosting a special demo event with the Marketing Manager from Motionize Sunday July 24th at Milwaukie Riverfront Park to show you how this technology works, and to give you the time to mess around with it yourself. To celebrate a fun flat water paddle, we'll even bring some coffee and doughnuts to enjoy during the morning time. Plus, if you love it, you can pre-order it right there on the spot!

If you need equipment, please reach out to for a discounted rental, but please plan to bring your own equipment.

Don't miss this sneak peek to elevate your performance and paddle with some of your favorite pals!

Check out the Motionize Edge here:


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