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Play the River: Stern Squirting for Success

Play the River: Stern Squirting for Success

whitewater kayaking

Looking to have more fun or take on a new challenge on your favorite whitewater runs? Unlock the secrets of the eddy line with Stern Squirting for Success, and find a new view of the river. This full day clinic focuses on edge control, simple and easy body mechanics for initiating and maintaining the move, and tons of practice. We will also take a finer look at eddy lines, identifying features and formations that make some eddies better than others for playing.  By the end of the day, you will be on your way to staring at the sky intentionally.

While open to paddlers of all abilities, comfort and confidence on Class III water will help speed up the day’s learning. To create the best learning environment, we will be using a local class II river as our teaching venue, dependent on the flows. Typical venues include Riverside to Clackamette on the Clackamas, Dabney to Lewis and Clark on the Sandy.

A Combat or very dependable roll is required for this class, as the likelihood of flipping over while learning is high.

If you do not have a boat with a low volume or slicey stern, please reach out to the shop so we can help coordinate equipment for the weekend.

The Deal

Where: Next Adventure Paddle Sports Center

How long: 8 hours

Student to Teacher Ratio: 4:1

Experience Necessary: Reliable Roll, Combat Roll Ideal; Class III Comfort Recommended

Equipment Needed: Personal Paddling Equipment Strongly Encouraged. Limited rental equipment available, please call 503.233.0706 x 2 or email our Programs Manager at kayakschool@nextadventure.