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ACA Level 1-2 SUP Instructor Certification Workshop

ACA Level 1-2 SUP Instructor Certification Workshop

ACA Level 1-2 SUP Instructor Certification Workshop


This American Canoe Association training and assessment consists of educational sessions that focus on coaching knowledge and technical knowledge, on-water skill development and refinement, and practical teaching and leadership scenarios. There is tremendous value and high-quality outcomes from the sharing and exchange of professional experience and feedback from instructor candidates and the instructor trainer during these trainings. This training and assessment will be productive and valuable whether you are striving to earn a credential for an employment opportunity, interested in learning more about helping your friends get into the sport, or intrigued by the role of coaching within this sport.


That being said, this is an instructor certification workshop and while we fully expect 'development' to happen within all the participants, it's important that individuals arrive with a strong foundation of personal paddling experience and a thorough familiarity with the ACA SUP Instructor Criteria.


For additional insight into the standards and criteria for the Level 1 or Level 2 Stand Up Paddleboard Instructor Certifications please visit the ACA's website.


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ACA Instructor Trainer: Ben Morton


Ben is a full time paddlesport educator and guide and has taught on rivers through the US, Central America, Europe, and Asia. Ben has worked with a variety of the industry’s leading paddling schools and instructors and continues to travel throughout the U.S. leading  ACA Instructor trainings in kayak, canoe, and SUP.  Ben has over a decade of experience leading ACA Instructor Courses and prides himself in striving to provide the highest quality training and helping each participant reach their goals.  For more information about Ben Morton please visit his website: