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Micron Snowboard Binding - Kid's


Micron Snowboard Binding - Kid's

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For the little shredder in your family, this easy-to-use binding is a staple in the learning process. Set them free and forever be thankful you got them on the hill. Our set-it-and-forget-it technology is perfectly designed for little kids, never adjust their bindings again! Our over-sized lever is easy to use and allows for speed entry when you really need it. This lightweight, soft flexing binding is perfect for your micron to start to fill their memory banks with images of growing up on the slopes.


  • Molded Composite Rockered Baseplate
  • Unifit Powerstrap
  • EVA Pads
  • Feel Rating: 2 (Softer)
  • Molded Composite Uniback Hiback
  • Mini-Ratchets
  • Combidisk (4HP + 3HP)



  • XS:   11Y - 1
  • Small:  13Y - 4.5