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Aquaseal+FD Repair Adhesive + Cure Accelerator

Gear Aid

Aquaseal+FD Repair Adhesive + Cure Accelerator

*This item can only be shipped UPS Ground Service due to its large size. Your entire order will ship via this service.

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Aquaseal+FD Repair Adhesive + Cure Accelerator is available to buy in increments of 1

The Gear Aid Aquaseal+FD Repair Adhesive + Cure Accelerator has all you need to repair gaskets and fabric, sprayskirts and all types of watersports gear. Repairs are waterproof, flexible, strong and highly abrasion resistant.


Note: Aquaseal can only be shipped via UPS Ground. Additionally, local shoppers may choose a Store Pickup shipping method to pick your order up at a Next Adventure location.



  • You get a 3/4 oz tube of Aquaseal Repair Adhesive & Sealant, .34 ounce of Cure Accelerator and Cleaner and a handy applicator brush.
  • When you mix 1 part Cure Accelerator with 3-4 parts of Aquaseal, you can get a completely cured repair within 2 hours. This is a great kit to take with you on the water.
  • Make permanent repairs in all types of outdoor gear.
  • Repairs are ultra-strong, flexible and washable. Urethane is highly abrasion resistant, so Aquaseal makes great wear patches.
  • Cure Accelerator shelf-life is two years
  • Aquaseal shelf-life is unlimited, until it is opened

Weight: 2.6 oz