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Granite Gear Backpack Size Chart

Size: Short Regular Long
Torso Length (inches) 15-18" 18-21" 21-24"


Hipbelt Sizing: 

Using the correct belt size is critical for a comfortable carry. A properly sized hip belt will wrap over your hipbones and still leave a gap in the padding at the front. There are a variety of sizes for men and women. Women’s belts fit those with a higher degree of angle in their hips, while men’s belts fit people with very little angle in their hips. There are times when belts fit some women better, and women’s belts fit some men better. It all depends on the degree of angle in the hips.

Men’s and Women’s belt size are same measured in inches. 

 Size: S M L XL
Waist Size (inches)  26-30"  30-34"  34-38" 38-42" 


*Hip Belt size chart measurements are for VAPOR CURRENT, AIR CURRENT, NIMBUS EXO, AND PORTAGE BELTS. (Found on the Crown V.C. 60, Leopard VC 46, Leopard AC 58, Blaze AC 60, Nimbus Trace Access series, and Expedition and Traditional series Portage Packs). 

The Refit adjustable belt on the Crown 2 38, Crown2 60, Blaze 60 and all the Lutsen series packs, fits both men and women with waist sizes 28-40 inches. 


Shoulder Strap Sizing: 

To find the ideal shoulder strap size, measure your chest. Shoulder straps come in two widths also. The trim shoulder strap is standard on almost all packs except the Expedition packs, which sport a wide shoulder strap that can comfortably carry loads over 60 lbs. The shoulder straps fit both men and women equally well.

Men’s and Women’s strap size are same measured in inches. 

 Size: S M L XL
Chest Size (inches)  26-34"  34-40"  40-46" 46-52"