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Gregory Backpack Size Chart

Measure your torso length: Grab a measuring tape. Tilt your head forward to make it easier to and find the highest protruding knob at the base of your neck. Ahoy! It’s your C7 vertebrae—the starting point for your soft measuring tape. Tilt your head back up and run the tape straight down your spine until you reach your Iliac Center. This is the point in the center of your spine that aligns with the highest point on your hipbone.


Pack Size XS S M L
Torso Legnth (inches)  14-16"  16-18"  18-20" 20-22" 



One Size

Pack Size One Size
Women's Torso Length (inches) 14-20" 
Men's Torso Length (inches) 16-20" 
Youth Torso Length (inches) 13-18"




Packs with adjustable sizing are available in XS/SM, SM/MED, MED/LRG. These packs allow for changes in torso length within the sizes indicated. Example - SM/MED fits torso lengths 15”-19”.

 Pack Size XS/SM SM/MD MD/LG
Torso Length (inches) 13-17"  15-19"   18-20"