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The Bargain Basement & Rentals are closed today, 4/7/2023, at our Grand Ave location in Portland, OR.

Next Adventure is your complete source for hiking & camping gear. From staples like tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and stoves, down to accessories like stuff sacks, cookware, trekking poles, and headlamps, you'll find everything you need for any adventure. Whether it's your first time car camping or you're a seasoned backpacker, we have the right gear for any budget.

  • Tents

    Backpacking tents, family tents, bivy sacks, tarps, everything inbetween 

  • Sleeping Bags

    Synthetic sleeping bags, down sleeping bags, rectangular bags, & liners

  • Sleeping Pads

    Self inflating pads, foam pads, inflatable pads, & pillows

  • Backpacks

    Day packs, multi-day packs, lumbar packs, & kid carriers

  • Eating & Cookware

    Cooksets, pots, kettles, utensils, and kitchen accessories

  • Stoves

    Backpacking , two-burner, liquid fuel , & alcohol stoves

  • Hammocks

    Hammocks, tarps, hammock tents, stands, & acc 

  • Camp Furniture

    Camp chairs, cots, tables, & tripod stools

  • Hydration

    Water bottles, water filters, purifiers, bladders, & flasks

  • Lighting

    Headlamps, flashlights, lanterns, & candles

  • Trekking Poles

    Trekking poles, walking sticks, parts, & acc

  • First Aid & Safety

    First aid kits, survival kits, body care, sun & bug protection

  • Stuff Sacks

    Stuff Sacks big and small & compression sacks

  • Knives & Tools

    Knives, multitools, saws, hatchets, & machetes

  • Navigation

    Compasses, gps, & map tools