Active Travel Towel


Active Travel Towel

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Ideal for hiking and adventure, these plush-feeling, 100% recycled polyester towels are the ticket for lightweight travel or drying off after hot yoga practice!

Developing the active travel towel was an exciting challenge, pushing Innate's team to design many prototypes before finally settling on a recycled polyester yarn. They developed a short loop grid pattern that absorbs water well, while drying up to 30% faster than comparable models with longer loops. They chose a silver ion treatment that provides a stable bond to the yarn and drastically reduces the potential for environmental hazards caused by silver being released into wastewater during laundering. The end result is a comfortable, quick drying, lightweight towel for active travel.

  • 100% recycled polyester yarn.
  • Quick drying.
  • Biocide-free, silver ion antibacterial treatment.
  • Mesh storage sack for air circulation when packed wet.
  • Medium: Ideal for rigorous outdoor athletic outings.
    Dimensions: 65 x 32.5 cm [25.5” x 13”]
    Weight: 64 g [2.3 oz]
  • Large: The perfect size to dry off with after a dunk in the lake.
    Dimensions: 97 x 46 cm [38” x 18”]
    Weight: 134 g [4.7 oz]
  • XL: Suitable for casual travellers, yoga and competitive swimmers.
    Dimensions: 137 x 72 cm [54” x 28.5”]
    Weight: 286 g [10.1 oz]