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Nirvana Spraydeck


Nirvana Spraydeck

The Nirvana Spraydeck is Kokopelli Packraft’s go-to whitewater packraft. The integrated spraydeck and sprayskirt system will keep you dry while paddling. Spraydecked packrafts are ideal for paddling in the elements as the deck adds extra protection for loading gear or bikes. Revised for 2019, the Nirvana Spraydeck gets two additional velcro points (front and back) for the Combing-Ring Tube, bringing the total number of velcro points to four (front, back, left side, and right side).

The Nirvana Spraydeck has a narrow trim, and an aggressive rocker in the bow, making it great for carving into eddies and surfing your favorite hole. Nirvana Spraydeck features Kokopelli's proprietary 3-Point Thigh-Strap System which when combined with the optional 3-Point Thigh-Strap Kit provides the paddler additional control over the packraft. The additional control allows the paddler to fully engage their core and leg muscles, which is especially important on challenging whitewater. For more advanced paddlers, they also present the opportunity to roll your packraft like a traditional kayak.

The Nirvana Spraydeck is built from tough lightweight material and features 210 denier TPU Nylon sidewalls and 840 denier TPU Nylon floor. The seams are first stitched and then welded with double-reinforced 1in (2.5cm) wide seam tape. Additionally, the pontoon-to-floor attachment point is glued to the sidewall and then reinforced with v-seam tape around the entire interior of the packraft. Kokopelli's Whitewater Series packrafts also have an additional 3in (7.6cm) of floor material coverage on the the sidewalls for extra reinforcement and protection.

The 4 in (10.2 cm) thick Inflatable Seat is made from 210 denier Diamond-Ripstop Nylon and uses a Stem Valve. This keeps you comfortable and improves paddling position which allows for deeper, more efficient paddle strokes. The adjustable and removable kayak-style Backband offers superior back-support while increasing paddling power.

  • Leafield D7 Valves on Pontoons
  • 4 External D-rings on Bow
  • 2 External D-rings on Stern
  • Seat - inflatable & removable
  • Kayak-style Backband

Sidewalls - 210 denier TPU Nylon
Floor - 840 denier TPU Nylon floor
Seat - 210 denier Diamond-Ripstop Nylon

In The Box
Nirvana Spraydeck
Alpine Series: Ultralight Sprayskirt
Combing Ring Tube
Inflatable Seat
Inflation Bag
Inflation Tube
Compression Straps (Set of 2)
Emergency Repair Kit

Dimensions - Inflated
Outer Length: 90.0in (228.6cm)
Inner Length: 57.0 in (144.8cm)
Outer Width: 37.0in (94.0cm)
Inner Width: 15.5in (39.4 cm)

Dimensions - Deflated
Folded Size: 12 x 9 x 6in (30 x 23 x 15cm)
Rolled Size: 12 x 6 in (30 x 15cm)

Packraft: 9lb 5oz (4.2kg)
Inflatable Seat: 8oz (0.23kg)
Backband: 6oz (0.17kg)
Sprayskirt: 11oz (0.31kg)
Inflation Bag: 3oz (0.09kg)
Inflation Tube: 2oz (0.06kg)
Compression Straps (Set of 2): 1oz (0.03kg) each, 2oz (0.06kg)

Air Chambers
Rear-half Pontoon: 1
Front-half Pontoon: 1
Tube Diameter: 12in (30cm)

Valve Type
Packraft: Leafield D7
Inflatable Seat: Stem

Recommended Air Pressure
Packraft: 1.5 PSI
Inflatable Seat: 1.5 PSI

Load Capacity: 300lbs (136kg)

Warranty: 3-Year Limited

Dimensions - InflatedOuter Length: 90.0in (228.6cm)Inner Length: 57.0 in (144.8cm)Outer Width: 37.0in (94.0cm)Inner Width: 15.5in (39.4 cm)
Dimensions - DeflatedFolded Size: 12 x 9 x 6in (30 x 23 x 15cm)Rolled Size: 12 x 6 in (30 x 15cm)
WeightPackraft: 9lb 5oz (4.2kg)Inflatable Seat: 8oz (0.23kg)Backband:  6oz (0.17kg)Sprayskirt:  11oz (0.31kg)Inflation Bag: 3oz (0.09kg)Inflation Tube: 2oz (0.06kg)Compression Straps (Set of 2): 1oz (0.03kg) each, 2oz (0.06kg)
Air ChambersRear-half Pontoon: 1Front-half Pontoon: 1Tube Diameter: 12in (30cm)
Valve TypePackraft: Leafield D7Inflatable Seat: Stem
Recommended Air PressurePackraft: 1.5 PSIInflatable Seat: 1.5 PSI
Load Capacity:  300lbs (136kg)
Warranty:  3-Year Limited