Recon is available to buy in increments of 1

The Recon is not your traditional packraft. Engineered from Kokopelli Packrafts' toughest and most bomber material, the Recon is perfect for road-to-river whitewater and after-work laps. With the exact same shape as their original Whitewater Series Nirvanas, the Recon is self-bailing and weighs in at 18lb (8.2kg).

The Self-Bailing design has several advantages including reduced weight (compared to a spraydeck-sprayskirt system), easier self-recovery, faster accessibility for scouting, or in and out extreme-low-water sections, and it opens up the entire interior of the packraft for gear storage. Six external D-rings, four on the bow, 2 on the stern, provide additional secure anchor points for gear when the water is rough.

The Recon features a full-length, Inflatable Floor with Integrated Seat, Leafield D7 valves on the main pontoon and Inflatable Floor, thigh-strap attachment points, the Recon is built for whitewater performance. The adjustable and removable kayak-style Backband offers superior back-support while increasing paddling power.

Designed with two-chambers (Inflatable Floor with Integrated Seat + full-pontoon) for added safety, a moderate trim, aggressive rocker on the bow, and a large-volume stern which gives it great Class 1 – Class 4 handling capability and stability. Combined with the extra-large 12in (30cm) diameter pontoons and higher floor-to-sidewall attachment point, the Recon is perfect for crushing whitewater.

The Recon is built from the toughest packraft material ever, featuring 0.9mm PVC sidewalls and 0.9mm PVC floor. The seams are welded and the pontoon-to-floor attachment point is glued to the sidewall and then reinforced with v-seam tape around the entire interior of the packraft.

For the main pontoon, the Recon features a Leafield D7 valve, the most durable and bomber valve on the planet. Used in all full-size rafts, the Leafield is made from roto-molded plastic and is threaded and screwed together, not welded or glued. Meaning your valve will never come un-welded or fall apart. The Leafield D7 also easily integrates with the included Foot Pump with Pressure Gauge.

The Inflatable Floor with Integrated Seat is made from 210 denier Diamond-Ripstop Nylon and uses a Leafield D7 valve. Starting at 7in (17.9cm) thick in the seat area, the floor tapers to 4in (10.2cm) thick from the knees to the bow. This keeps you comfortable and improves paddling position which allows for deeper, more efficient paddle strokes. The adjustable kayak-style Backband offers superior back-support while increasing paddling power.

  • Built from 0.9mm PVC, the toughest packraft material ever
  • Leafield D7 Valves on both Air Chambers
  • 4 External D-rings on Bow
  • 2 External D-rings on Stern
  • Inflatable Floor with Integrated Seat
  • Kayak-style Backband

Sidewalls - 9mm PVC
Bottom - 9mm PVC
Inflatable Floor with Integrated Seat - 210denier Diamond-Ripstop Nylon

In The Box
Inflatable Floor with Integrated Seat
Compression Straps (Set of 2)
Foot Pump with Gauge
Traditional Repair Kit

Dimensions - Inflated
Outer Length: 90.0in (228.6cm)
Inner Length: 57.0 in (144.8cm)
Outer Width: 37.0in (94.0cm)
Inner Width: 15.5in (39.4 cm)

Dimensions - Deflated
Folded Size: 12 x 9 x 6in (30 x 23 x 15cm)
Rolled Size: 12 x 6 in (30 x 15cm)

Packraft: 18lb (8.2kg)
Inflatable Floor with Integrated Seat: 1lb 3oz (0.54kg)
Backband: 6oz (0.17kg)
Compression Straps (Set of 2): 1oz (0.03kg) each, 2oz (0.06kg)

Air Chambers
Main Pontoon: 1
Inflatable Floor with Integrated Seat: 1
Tube Diameter: 12in (30cm)

Valve Type
Packraft: Leafield D7
Floor/Seat: Leafield D7

Recommended Air Pressure
Packraft: 4.5 PSI
Floor/Seat: 1.5 PSI

Load Capacity:  300lbs (136kg)

Warranty:  3-Year Limited