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Hairpin Ski Poles- Women's 2021


Hairpin Ski Poles- Women's 2021


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Girls grab too! The Line Skis Hairpin Poles are made for the badass lady shredder who likes to throw down every bit as much as the guys, with BMX grips and Grab Tabs™ to keep 'em in place during park sessions. The bold, colorful graphic makes these the best looking poles we've seen in a hot minute, too.


  • Shaft- 6061 Aluminum
  • Grip- 25mm BMX Grip
  • Grab Tabs™ – Grab Tabs™ make it easier.
  • Skinnier Grips
  • Basket- Screwoff™ Baskets – 60mm included - Change baskets in seconds.
  • Material- Aluminum
  • Basket Type- Standard
  • Warrant- 1 Year