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Double Whammy Mini Kokanee Pro Lure

Mack's Lure

Double Whammy Mini Kokanee Pro Lure

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Sometimes smaller is better. If you are wanting to go with a subtle presentation, with not so subtle results, this mini will yield some mighty big fish.


Color Smile Blade 0.8 Bead Color Hook Size Leader Test Leader Length Hook Spacing
Silver Mirror/Flo Orange Silver Mirror Flo Orange 6 6 48 0
Chartreuse Scale/FLo Chartreuse Chartreuse Scale Flo Chartreuse 6 6 48 0
Pink Mirror/Flo Pink Pink Mirror Flo Pink 6 6 48 0
Glow Gold Tiger/Glow White Glow Gold Tiger Glow White 6 6 48 0