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Killer B Freestyle Sled

Mad River Rocket

Killer B Freestyle Sled

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The Mad River Rocket is far more controllable and maneuverable than your garden-variety toy store sled. You kneel on the sled and steer by leaning, using your hands for stabilization.

The design of the sled's hull makes it easy to execute sharp turns, which is essential for dodging trees on forested hillsides in Vermont and everywhere else. The plush kneepads soften landings, and the knee strap ensures that you and your sled stay together through all kinds of sled runs.

Some well-practiced MRR riders have even developed quite a repertoire of aerial tricks on the sleds; it's very impressive, but just like with skiing, try some small jumps first before you aim for the skies.


  • Essentially a kneeboard for snow, the advantage this sled has over all others is the ability to carve a turn
  • The kneeling position allows you to see ahead, lean for balance and control steering
  • Nylon webbing lap belt and thick foam pads hold the sled comfortably under the sledder, freeing both hands for easy steering, balance and control
  • Ingenious design incorporates double hard edged chines to dig into hardpack along a central snow channel that aids the sled in tracking through powder
  • Mad River rockets are constructed of high-quality virgin polyethylene, designed to withstand impact by normal use in most snow conditions
  • Drilled holes in front let you connect a rope to pull the sled
  • Knee pads cushion your knees from bumps and landings
  • Quick-release lap belt secures the rider to the sled; allowing inverted aerial tricks and freeing hands for steering
  • Knee strap doubles as a sling, allowing sled to be carried across your back
  • Includes a leash to keep your sled close at hand during wipe-outs
Best Use
Recommended Rider Weight
Up to 250 pounds
47 x 20 x 6 inches
6 pounds