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Manzella Gloves & Mittens Size Chart

Measure from the base of palm to the tip of your middle finger.


 M's Sizes S M L XL S/M M/L L/XL
Palm Length (in)  6-6.5"  7-7.5" 8-8.5"  9-9.5"  6-7.5" 7-8.5" 8-9.5"




 W's Sizes S M L S/M M/L
Palm Length (in) 5.5-6"  6-6.5"   7-7.5" 5.5-6.5"  6-7.5" 




Sizes  S M L S/M L/XL
Age 6-8  9-10   11-12 6-9  10-12 



Note:   Sizing may vary and may not be exact to every hand.