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MTI PFD Size Chart


Adult life jackets are for individuals over 90 lbs and sized by chest measurement in inches.

 PFD Model XS/S M/L XL/2XL
Dio, Dio F-Spec, Voyager  30-36" 36-44"   44-54"
Reflex, Livery Sport, Fisher 30-36"  36-44"   44-56"
Headwater, Headwater R-Spec 32-36"  38-44"  46-54" 
Thunder R-Spec 28-34"  34-42"   42-54"
 PFD Model S/M L/XL 2XL/3XL
Java, Journey, Moxie, Solaris, Solaris F-Spec 30-36"   36-46" 46-56" 
Slipstream, Cascade 30-40" 40-50" n/a
PFDiva, PFDiva Mariner 29-40" 40-48" n/a
Canyon V 30-40" 41-52" n/a
 PFD Model Universal
APF, Calcutta 30-56" Waist Size
Fluid (All Models), SUP Safety Belt 30-52" Waist Size
Helios (All Models) 30-56" Chest Size


Kids (Infant, Child, Youth)

Kids life jackets are sized by weight.

 Size XS PFD Model
Infant  0-30 lbs  Infant w/Collar
Child  30-50 lbs  Child w/Collar, Child Livery
Youth  50-90 lbs  Bob, Youth Reflex, Youth Livery, Youth Canyon V


UnderDOG Size Chart

Your dog may vary in fit from this chart. 

 Size XS S M L XL
Weight  2-12 lbs 12-24 lbs 24-60 lbs 60-90 lbs 90-120 lbs