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X-Wax Variety 5 Pack

One Ball Jay

X-Wax Variety 5 Pack

Made in USA

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This 5 pack includes 5 individual 45 gram bars of high performance alpine snowboard wax. Each bar is designed to work best in certain snow temperatures. Included is a clear/white bar of base prep wax that works great to clean your snowboard base or as a storage wax. Along with that you have a 4 additional bars for specific temperatures, warm, cool, cold and ice cold in that order from top to bottom.


X-Wax 5 Pack Includes:

  • Base Prep - 32ºF (0ºC) White
  • Warm - 32° to 26°F (0° to -3°C) Pink
  • Cool - 28° to 21°F (-2° to -6°C) Green
  • Cold - 23° to 12°F (-5° to -11°C) Purple
  • Ice Cold - 12°F and Below (-11°C and Below) Blue