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OOFOS Size Chart

 US Men's US Women's EU
2  4  35
3  5  36
4  6  37
5 7 38
6 8 39
7 9 40
8 10 41
9 11 42
10 12 43
11 13 44
12 14 45
13 15 46
14 16 47


OOFOS has two sizing types - most of of OOFOS are unisex sizing, medium-width.

The OOriginal/ OOriginal Sport, OOahh/OOahh Sport, and OOCloog are all unisex shoes that come in the standard medium width.

The OOFOS OOlala collection is a women’s style, medium-width. You will find that the OOlala has a slightly more narrow footbed, and we suggest this style for someone with narrow feet.

You want to make sure the arch of the shoe is centered under the arch of the foot. Next, you want to make sure the heel is fully supported on the footbed. Then you will have the correct fit.

All styles of OOFOS footwear have the same patented footbed design & are made of a proprietary, closed-cell latex-free foam OOfoam

If you normally wear a whole size, order the same whole size of OOFOS. OOFOS shoes have a medium-width footbed, but please keep in mind that everyone’s feet are different and the sizing is not the same for everyone.

If you normally wear a half size:
Women: we suggest ordering a half size UP for best fit.
Men: we suggest ordering a half size DOWN for best fit.

The footbed of each pair of OOFOS shoes is the same, so the OOCloog should fit the same as other OOFOS. However, some people find that they need to size up in the OOCloog, due to it being closed-toe. Particularly in the colder weather, people tend to wear socks with the clog, as well, so we do recommend sizing up if you are questioning the size.