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The Bargain Basement & Rentals are closed today, 4/7/2023, at our Grand Ave location in Portland, OR.

David K. Bio

NextAdv - OurStaff

Nickname: DK, the Kinger, AreYouHereToCloseYourTabFromLastNight

Weapon of Choice: My hair (obvy), sixer of Montucky, a right arm with the strength of a 7th grade starting QB, and about 1400 Phish bootleg tapes.

Super Power: Immaculate beard-trimming skills, Sloth-like speed, Harnessing the power of indecisiveness, and the ability to stay married.

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Toaster-strudels, with an extra packet of frosting. (mic. dropped.)

What's at the top of your 'bucket list'?: Attempting to find ways to afford Portland.

Favorite thing about Next Adventure?: Sincerely, everything. I've been there 7.5 years and still love every day at work. Also, the owners, Deek and Brian.

Tell us a little more about yourself! I, literally, have the best wife in the world. I like green. I never wear pants. I don't care about alphabetical order. If you dislike golf, cribbage, or comics from Far Side there is a good chance we will not get along. Also, if you wear "Tapout"-logo'd shirts, we might not get along.