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Dylan H. Bio

NA Staffer Dylan H.


Nickname: Solo

Weapon of Choice: Pablo Eskobear (a black bear in Kentucky which was surely North America's apex predator)

Super Power: omni-linguistics

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: I'll answer this question once someone makes a biscuits and gravy breakfast cereal

What's at the top of your 'bucket list'?: Find a way to cheat death at least once more.

Favorite thing about Next Adventure?: The basement--I swear, half of my provisioning has come from there.

Tell us a little more about yourself!

Fun Horton Facts!

--swam to Mexico; FOX news made it sound incredibly popular but I'd only rate it a 3/5.

--semi-professional hitchhiker, desert wanderer and thoroughly amateur mountaineer.

--would prefer confessing to anything and everything over smelling hardboiled eggs.

--named my first car 'Eurydice' in the hopes that it will almost go to hell and back.

--has had Numerous Episodes with Mule Trains, and Would Not Recommend Them.