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Michael Bowersox Bio

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Nickname: B-Sox; Bo-Sox; Aqua Sox; "Some Word"-Sox

Weapon of Choice: My Gerber Machete, which has tasted my own blood more times than I would like to admit, but now only responds to my touch

Super Power: Communing with Sea Life, but cooler than Aqua Man

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Peanut Butter Panda Puffs

What's at the top of your 'bucket list'?: To see penguins in the wild

Favorite thing about Next Adventure?: The community of Outdoor enthusiasts that call Next Adventure either home, or their local shop

Tell us a little more about yourself!

United Kingdom Certified Coach Level 2
American Canoe Association Level 4 Open Water Coastal Kayak Instructor (Instructor Trainer Candidate)
American Canoe Association Level 2 Stand Up Paddle Boarding Instructor

Skills and Leadership Awards
British Canoe Union 4-Star Sea Leader (5-Star Sea Leader Trainee)
British Canoe Union 3-Star Canoe Award
American Canoe Association Level 3 River Canoe Skills Assessed

Originally a native of California, Michael found paddling and his home in the waters of the Pacific Northwest. Learning to kayak in university as a flat-water sprinter, crashing waves, tidal races and the smell of salt led him down the path of sea kayaking, first as a guide in the Salish Sea and San Juan Islands, and now as an instructor and Programs Manager of Next Adventure, an outdoor store and school in the hipster capital of Portland, Oregon. Dedicated to environmental stewardship and the growth of paddle sports, Michael paddles and teaches from a variety of craft to provide new insights and perspectives on water, all coming back to his connection to the sea. He is excited to keep learning and growing as a paddle sports coach, especially in new places and environments. Simply put, there is nothing he enjoys more than messing about in boats.