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Pemba Sherpa Bio

our staff


Nickname: Saturday; Angpemba

Weapon of Choice: Camera

Super Power: Sherpa

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: porridge

What's at the top of your 'bucket list'?: A year in Upper Mustang, Nepal (GHT)

Favorite thing about Next Adventure?: The work enviroment

Tell us a little more about yourself!

I was born in a small village (Namche Bazaar) at the foot hills of Himalayas also known as the gateway to Mt. Everest in Nepal. Being born and raised in the spiritual Sherpa family, I have love for nature and outdoor lifestyle. Beside all the fun stuff I love to do in outdoors, capturing them inside camera is what I am passionate about. I love to create visual craft of work that leans toward capturing the natural world with the sense of spiritual and peaceful belongingness.

The love for visual creativity was always there from early young age. However, my real journey as a film maker and photography began after pursuing a major in mass media journalism (communication) at Portland State University and earning a certificate through the Nw Film Institute. Beside working in Next adventure I am a freelancer for still and video. (