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Nextadv - Outdoorschoolforall

Since its first band of Medford sixth graders in 1957, Outdoor School’s mission has been simple: get our next generation of leaders off the couch and out into Oregon’s great outdoors. Outdoor School creates a sense of curiousity and wonder while giving students a hands-on science-based experience that builds confidence, leadership skills, and self-sufficiency.

A "Yes" vote on Measure 99 would create an "Outdoor Education Fund" that would be financed through the Oregon Lottery - administered by Oregon State University - and would provide Outdoor School programs statewide, to every middle schooler. As the program stands right now, only about half of Oregon's students get to experience Outdoor School. The students that are able to attend often only go for a day or two rather than a full week, again, due to lack of funding. With Measure 99, every Oregon middle schooler would have the opportunity to spend a week at Outdoor School, statewide.

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