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Peppi 2.0 Chalk Bag


Peppi 2.0 Chalk Bag

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We already know each other I think. I am Peppi II, the Cousin of Peppi, only wilder and even hungrier for chalk. The white powder flows in our veins. Did you pack up my chalk-snack? Then let's go! A daredevil in any situation. He snarls and shows his teeth, especially if the holds get smaller and the moves get longer. Peppi II is like his cousin freaky, wild and extremely hungry for chalk. Beware, snappish!

Handmade from 8BPLUS, The Peppi II is a highly creative as well as fully functional top-quality chalk bag. Quality materials, robust craftmanship, the 12.5cm big access, and lots of creative little details make this 8BPLUS chalkbag something special. All 8BPLUS Chalkbags come with Aluminium Clip Carabiner and an Embroidered waist belt. The Peppi II is designed for climbers who don't chicken out because of some slack rope.

  • Soft pile lining holds down chalk dust and helps distribute the chalk evenly on your hands
  • Drawstring closure seals the chalk bag neatly and keeps your chalk dry
  • Extra-stiffened access rim holds the bag open for easy dipping
  • Brush holders on left and right sides hold a brush to clean old chalk off holds

Inner material: 100% polyesterfleece
Item No: 335-0269