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Scorpio MKII HV Skudder CLX - Kayak


Scorpio MKII HV Skudder CLX - Kayak

Scorpio MKII HV Skudder CLX - Kayak is available to buy in increments of 1

The Scorpio shares the same progressive hull profile as the Cetus, transitioning seamlessly from a slender bow to a highly stable, slight 'V' body with rounded chines, giving a smooth ride and effortless control in all conditions, particularly when coupled with the option of the revolutionary P&H Skudder system. Above the water, the Scorpio's deck has been designed around the requirements of modern sea kayakers, with a whole plethora of additional details such as recesses for secure split paddle storage, moulded-in inserts to take a kayak sail mast foot, no other polyethylene sea kayak on the market is as fully featured and expedition-ready as this.

  • Designed around open water expeditions but equally suited to day trip exploration
  • Bungee-retained, ergonomic toggle handles for comfortable carrying and safe rescues
  • Skeg slider positioned on deck to avoid interference with high angle paddle strokes
  • Low profile back deck and cockpit rim for easy rolling and re-entry
  • Split paddle and compass recesses on forward deck
  • High strength, full deck lines and bungees for ample storage and rescue options
  • *Skudder foot kit sold separately

The P&H Scorpio is one of the most trusted and best featured plastic sea boats on the market. Available in three sizes the Scorpio is a rough tough expedition ready boat that’s speed and stability through the water have earned a loyal following around the world. Sharing many of the design features of the Cetus the Scorpio is favoured for use where your looking for more durability such as for rocky launches and landings, or simply don't want to worry about damaging a glass boat. The MKII Scorpio has benefited from some minor tweaks to the hull for improved stability and some clever improvements to the deck to make the boat more user friendly and sail ready. Made from Corelite X, a 3 layer plastic with a foam like core sandwiched between two high density PE layers to give a stiffer, lighter and more durable boat with better performance closer to that of a composite boat. The Skudder Control System is a clever but robust design that can work as a skeg for control in wind or waves or as an under stern rudder that works efficiently even in rougher conditions. The 'skudder' can be deployed partly or fully with the control located just to side and front of the cockpit with the rudder controlled via the adjustable foot pegs linked to a simple mechanism that is hidden away on the back deck but easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance. This feature is a must is your considering sailing your Scorpio!

  • The area around the cockpit has been raised and re profiled to give a more comfortable seating position, and also allow the optional Code Zero sail to store away when not in use.
  • Split paddle recess added next to compass recess
  • The rear hatch cover has been angled to allow better access and all re shaped to provide better drainage
  • The rear of the cockpit rim and the volume behind it have been lowerd to make the Scorpio easier to roll and make re-entry easier in the event of a swim.


  • Length: 17' 7"
  • Width: 24"
  • Internal Cockpit Length: 31.7"
  • Internal Cockpit Width: 16.9"
  • CoreLite X Weight: 65lb 



  • Total Volume: 90.9 US gal
  • Front Hatch: 15.9 US gal
  • Day Hatch: 8.5 US gal
  • Rear Hatch: 16.9 US gal
  • Mini Hatch: 1.1 US gal