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Eastern San Juan Islands Kayak Expedition


Join your friendly and knowledgeable Next Adventure Instructors for the best sea kayaking the Northwest has to offer. During our San Juan Islands Kayak trip we will develop sea kayaking skills, learn about local tides and currents, cook delicious meals, and most importantly, have fun. While all the San Juans are beautiful and remote, this trip revolves around the rugged Eastern San Juan Islands, exploring the less visited, but no less beautiful islands of Cypress, Sinclair, Blakely, James, and Guemes. Our exact route will be determined by local conditions and the collective group ability. We will have optional side paddles for those who have the burn to paddle.


For this trip, participants will be providing personal camping gear. We highly suggest sharing tents, and using lightweight, highly compressible tents, sleeping pads and sleeping bags, as space will be a premium. Please consult ahead of time regarding the gear, and we will ask you to bring your camping gear packed to our Pre-Trip meeting. You are welcome to bring your own kayak and paddling gear with prior instructor approval.


The Wednesday evening prior, we'll meet for snacks and logistics to answer last minute questions before departing Friday morning bright and early. Come join us as we explore some of the finest waters to paddle world-wide.


Take a look at our Packing List to find out what you should bring, and if you have more questions about your trip, see the San Juan Islands Kayak Trip FAQ.


The Deal

Location: San Juan Islands, Washington

Duration: 4 day adventure

Student to Teacher Ratio: 4:1

Experience Necessary: Next Adventure's Start Your Adventure! Kayak Touring equivalent experience required, and you must have taken a rescue class with Next Adventure prior to the trip. To get the most out of your trip, we highly recommend completing the second class in our progression series, Your Next Adventure! Intermediate Kayak Touring 2.5 day class, or Your Next Adventure! Coastal Kayaking 2.5 day class.


Equipment Needed: Please see our Packing List. You must provide your own camping equipment. Lightweight, highly compressible


Pre-Trip Meeting: There will be a mandatory pre-trip meeting before each trip. This meeting will cover the packing list, boat packing, our route, and any other questions you might have.


Transportation: Transportation to and from the San Juan Islands is optional. We will depart at 7:00am on the first day, and we will return the final day by 9:00pm. If you choose not to join our caravan, please plan on being at the Washington Park Boat Ramp no later than 11:30am in Anacortes, Washington.