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Private and Customer Classes, Tours, and Expeditions 

Whether you are looking for something different or an exclusive adventure, let Next Adventure take you on your unique paddling excursion. Any of our offered activities can be me made into private trips to fit your schedule and needs! With our highly knowledgeable, skilled, and fun team of guides and instructors, we can take your and your group’s creative dream and turn it into a paddling reality. With our on water Scappoose Bay Paddling Center located in a beautiful tidal estuary and the versatility of our mobile operations based in Portland, meet us on the water for your Next Adventure! Take a look below at a sampling of our Custom Offerings.



Scappoose Bay Paddling Center: Less than 30 miles from the heart of Downtown Portland, our Scappoose Bay Paddling Center sits on an estuary and floodplain off the Mighty Columbia River rich with wildlife and Pacific Northwest History. Explore the ever changing tidal creeks in the protected Scappoose Bay where you will encounter nesting Balding Eagles, Osprey, Herons, Painted Turtles, and potentially spy a Bank Beaver or even a River Otter! Paddlers who want a bit more of an accessible challenge will venture towards Multnomah Channel and the Columbia River where they can explore the Cunningham Slough or venture to Warrior Rock. These paddles encounter both wildlife and historical snapshots of the Native Northwest People and the great explorers Lewis and Clark. One paddle in this serene locale, and you will keep coming back for years to come.

Activities: Recreational Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Kayak Touring, Canoeing, Hobie Kayaking, Kayak Fishing, SUP Yoga.

Next Adventure Paddle Sports Center (SE Portland): Located in the heart of the Central Eastside Industrial District and Buckman Neighborhood, the Next Adventure Paddle Sports Center serves as the hub for all of our off-site adventures. Just minutes away from the Willamette River, we lead a multitude of trips and tours out of this location, the closest being urban paddle of Ross Island and Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge. This location also serves as our launching pad for our adventures heading to the Columbia River Gorge for incredible views, to the Cascade mountains for some of the Nation’s Best Whitewater Kayaking, and to the Oregon Coast for fishing and stunning Coastal Kayaking. With the Willamette and Columbia River Confluence, the Cascades, and the Oregon Coast all within 2 hours of transportation, it’s hard to beat Portland for paddling.

Activities: Recreational Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Kayak Touring, Canoeing, Coastal Kayaking (Sea Kayaking), Kayak Fishing, Whitewater Kayaking, Whitewater Paddleboarding


Private Lessons

Looking to up your game, refine a particular skill or just desire some one-on-one feedback or small group activities? Our Private Lessons give you the time and attention with one of our American Canoe Association or British Canoe Union certified instructors to help you achieve your goals.

Private Lessons are available in the following disciplines: Canoeing; Coastal or Sea Kayaking (including Navigation and Surfing Skills); Flat Water or Touring Kayaking; Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (Flatwater and Whitewater); Rolling (Sea Kayak or Whitewater Kayak); Whitewater Kayaking.

Private Lessons require a 3 Hour Minimum. All equipment can be provided upon request. Transportation may be provided depending on location.

  • 1 person: $45 per hour
  • 2 people: $40 per hour per person
  • 3 people: $35 per hour per person

If you have 4 or more people, please contact us directly for rates.


Custom and Private Tours

While we offer a variety of adventures and tours, we want to help your paddling vision come to fruition. All of our listed offerings, from our Scappoose Bay Wetlands Tour, to our Beacon Rock Guided Tour, can be altered to suit you needs. From length of the tour, to adding snacks and meals, to designing it for 15 people or more, no customization is off limits. Our knowledgeable program staff will help you discern the best location, route, and experience to help your Next Adventure succeed.

Price of the trip is dependent on the volume of people, the length and location of the the tour, and what goodies you would like to add on (upgraded kayaks, a meal etc.), but most of our adventures start around $30 per person.

While we try our best to accommodate groups of all sizes in a relatively short time frame, we ask for you to contact us at least 3 days in advance (miracles can happen though). For groups larger than 8 people, we ask that you contact us at least a week in advance.

We appreciate as much time as you can give us to craft and accommodate the perfect adventure for you and your group!


Private Yoga Sessions

Summer means it is time to leave the city and enter the most serene yoga studios of the Pacific Northwest. Whether you and your friends are ready for a change in scenery, or for a mental challenge with a new form of practice, our Private Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Sessions will bring you and your body in harmony with the forest, sun, and water.

In partnership with Yoga 2 You, we offer 90 min SUP Yoga Sessions at our on water Scappoose Bay Paddling Center. While we offer both Beginner and Intermediate sessions, we strive to create a personalized experience, with you and your goals at the center of each class. From a novice exploring a fun experience with friends, to a corporate or business wellness session, to a certified yogi searching to bring new challenge and connection to your own practice, our instructor will craft the your session for you.

Scappoose Bay Private Sessions:

1-4 people = $200

4-10 people = $300

Off Site Private Sessions:

If you have a particular waterway in mind for your private session, please reach out to us in advance. While we believe our Scappoose Bay location will awe you, we can do our best to help you deepen your connection with your favorite water.

Please Call for Pricing. Distance, Length of Adventure, and Number of Participants affect the quote.


Business and Corporate Adventures

Want to get out of the office for a nature break? Or perhaps some exciting team development? Join us for your next professional and fun activity! Whether you are looking for your team to decompress and observe some wildlife on a relaxing afternoon paddle as part of a healthy and active adventure, or hoping to encourage trust development and forge new connections paddling with one of our goofier instructors, we provide a memorable experience through the joy of simply messing about on boats and boards.

Two of our favorite tours to take business teams on are the Scappoose Bay Wetlands Tour (either by kayak or SUP) launching from our on water Scappoose Bay Paddling Center, and our Ross Island Kayak Tour, launching from the urban Sellwood Riverfront Park. Both offer calm, protected waters and the opportunity to observe some wildlife and stunning sights. Tandem kayaks and canoes can always take the cooperation factor up a notch as well.


Family Tours

Create new memories and spend some quality time together water paddling with your family and Next Adventure. While we are open to children who can reasonably keep a pace with our normal tour groups, our family tours are the perfect opportunity to get kids out on the water, or just to have the privacy of just being a family. Younger kids or non-paddlers can sit and paddle from the front of a canoe or tandem kayak, making the family trips an ideal time for multi-generational activities.

Almost all of our tours offered can be adapted into family friendly adventures, with fun and engaging guides and instructors ready to help transform your paddle in stories and memories.


School and Educational Groups

Our beloved Pacific Northwest’s best classroom is right outside your door on the water. With the diverse ecosystems and different types of water present around Oregon and Washington, an adventure outdoors with Next Adventure’s naturalist guides and instructors brings the learning full circle with real world observation and application. Whether looking to paddle along some of the same waters as the Native Peoples or early European explorers in Scappoose Bay, head to the coast for a unique lesson on marine ecology Adventure, explore the physics and hydrology of our local rivers, or simply engage in a new sport, Next Adventure will help you create a memorable and in-depth educational experiences. As passionate people striving to get young people outdoors, we love to partner with groups that allow our own inquisitive nature to grow.