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Coastal Kayaking

Rocks and Waves: Safety and Play

With such an awesome and rocky coastline, why not learn the skills to help those gardens safe and fun? Our introduction to rock gardening focuses on how to move through obstacles using methods that help minimize risk. We will be using the swell to catch rides through cool spots, and teach you how to safely judge what is a fun spot versus a danger. We will also be working on new types of rescues, reading waves and water, and group dynamics to augment the course. Suit up, and get ready to out to the coast with us.

The Deal

Where: Cascade Head, Pacific City

Duration: 8 Hours

Student to Teacher Ratio: 4:1

Prerequisites: Rescue classes or the ability to do a companion and self rescue (a good roll is ideal but not required), CK3 Surf Zone or similar experience

Equipment Needed: All necessary equipment will be provided.