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Coastal Kayaking

San Juan Islands Kayak Trip Packing List

Please keep in mind that we will be fitting all of our gear into our kayaks, and will need to reserve extra room for group gear such as water and food. If you have any questions about what you need, please ask the friendly folks at our Grand Ave. location or bring your questions to the pre-trip meeting.

-1 20 L Tapered Drybag (for your clothes)
-1 20 L Drybag (for your sleeping bag)
-1 10 L Drybag
-Backpacking-style tent (2 or 3-person )
-Sleeping Bag, (Please bring a synthetic or down, backpacking style bag at with a temperature rating of at ----least 20 degrees)
-Sleeping Pad (Please bring something compressible, Thermarest, Exped, etc)
-Two 1L water bottles
-Paddling shoes (Tevas, Chacos, Neoprene booties, old tennis shoes, etc)
-Camp shoes (light running or hiking shoes are great)
-Sunglasses (with a retention strap, like croakies, chums, etc.)
-Baseball cap, or brimmed hat for the sun.
-Underwear (3-4 pair)
-Warm, non-cotton socks (2-3 pair)
-Wool or fleece hat for camp
-Baselayer/Long under wear- synthetic or merino wool, top and bottom
-Shorts (1 pair, non-cotton)
-Pants (1 pair, non-cotton)
-Short Sleeve Shirts (2-3, not cotton)
-Warm jacket (fleece, down or other non-cotton material)
-Rain jacket or drytop
-Rain pants or splash pants
-Headlamp or flashlight, with extra batteries
-Personal medications. We will provide well-stocked First Aid kits, but please bring what you will need.  
-Bug Spray
-Book, playing cards, journal
-Camp chair (small: Crazy Creek style)
-Any favorite snacks (we’ll provide a lot, but you may have special preferences)
-Small camera with a dry case
-Beer or wine
-Swim Suit
-Small, quick-dry towel
-A clean change of clothes for the ride home