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Flatwater Kayaking

Smith & Bybee Lakes Guided Tour

Smith and Bybee Lakes are one of the best kept secrets in Portland and a fantastic place to kayak. This 2,000-acre nature reserve is home to a multitude of wildlife, from ospreys to bald eagles and beavers, and is the largest protected urban wetland in the nation. 100+ species of birds have been observed in the wetlands and Smith and Bybee hosts the largest population of the threatened Western Painted Turtle west of the Cascade Mountains. During the trip, we'll explore through a series of inter-connected sloughs, waterways and lakes. The higher water of the spring will allow us to wind our way into secluded areas and sneak up on some beaver lodges. This all-day paddling adventure will include a fantastic lunch halfway through the trip on one of the islands where we've spotted black-tailed deer and muskrats. If you’re worrying about tipping over know that we paddle super-stable recreational kayaks on this trip, so your upright status is all but guaranteed. Come one, come all! This is a paddle trip that does not involve any intermediate or advanced skills, meaning anyone and everyone can sign up regardless of skill level!

The Deal 

Where: Smith & Bybee Natural Wetlands Area

How long: 6 hours

Student to Teacher Ratio: 6:1

Experience Necessary: No experience required

Equipment Needed: All necessary equipment will be provided.

Cost: $80