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Start Your Adventure 2.5 Day Classes

Our Start Your Adventure series gives you the opportunity to try out different facets of kayaking while getting instruction in a safe environment! These programs also make great gifts for those special paddlers in your life! 



Whitewater Kayaking

Start Your Adventure! Whitewater 2.5 Day Class
Your Next Adventure! Whitewater Kayaking Class


Kayak Touring

Start Your Adventure! Kayak Touring 2.5 Day Course
Your Next Adventure! Intermediate Kayak Touring 2.5 Day Class
Your Next Adventure! Navigation and Journeys 2 day class
Your Next Adventure! Coastal Kayak Touring 2.5 Day Class


Kayak Fishing

Start Your Adventure! Kayaking Fishing 2.5 Day Class
Your Next Adventure! In-Shore Coast Kayak Fishing 2 Day Class