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Want to shake up your yoga routine this fall and winter? Keep the summer alive with our SUP Yoga Pool Session. Based off our summer SUP Yoga sessions in partnership with Yoga to You, combine the challenge and centering of yoga with the fun of paddle boarding.  People who have less than two years of experience in yoga, occasionally practice, or who never tried yoga will find an open and welcoming session for all skill and backgrounds. Those who do have a stronger background in yoga will find new challenge practicing on a paddle board.

Be ready to be challenged in balancing poses and passive asana with brief holds of standing postures, but this adaptive session focuses on tuning you into your body, the board and the water surrounding rather than pushing the limits of balance. Most importantly, the warm pool provides a great way to beat the cold during the northwest's darker months.

Have a board and want to save a little? Use the code ownboard during checkout to save $10! With this coupon, we will not be providing you a board, but are happy to bring the necessary bungees needed.

Come on in, the water is warm!

The Deal

Where: Columbia Pool
How long: 90 Minutes
Cost: $30 all equipment included; $20 if you provide your own equipment




Stand Up Paddleboarding