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Are you ready to order a presale item? Please read the information below on what to expect and policies regarding presale purchases.

Estimated Arrival Date
The times provided for each model's arrival at our distribution center are merely our best estimation as to when a shipment reaches our facility. There are many ways in which delays can occur:
  • An entire shipment can be delayed due to production; for example, a manufacturer may be running behind schedule or a supplier of theirs has failed to deliver parts on time
  • A particular model or color might be delayed; while it is possible that (all of the boats on each shipment arrive together) change to “an expected shipment arrives on time”, often some models are "backordered," meaning they will be shipped at a later date so that the majority of the order can proceed to its destination
  • A boat may arrived damaged (one of our most frustrating situations); freight companies are not necessarily skilled at transporting kayaks thousands of miles, and "forklift-into-the-kayak-OMG" happens from time to time
If there is a significant delay or your boat doesn't make it on its planned shipment, we will contact you as soon as we are made aware of the delay. During the ongoing pandemic, we have experienced delays MUCH more frequently than in years past.
Shipping Pre-Sale Boats to You
If you choose to have your watercraft shipped to you from our distribution center, please understand it may take us anywhere from 24-72 hours to arrange for that boat to depart to its final destination. Kayak, canoes, and SUPs can be quite large and awkward, and we cannot always send them via our normal freight carriers. Allow for an additional 3-10 days after we receive a boat until it arrives at your home.
There is a 15% cancellation fee for pre-sold watercraft. Please only pre-purchase models you are certain you must have. We use this cancellation fee as a means to ensure our pre-sales are reserved for those customers who MUST have a particular boat and don't mind waiting for it.

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