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The Bargain Basement & Rentals are closed today, 4/7/2023, at our Grand Ave location in Portland, OR.



Reservations: Reserving items online does not guarantee the items requested are in stock. Next Adventure staff will contact you prior to your pickup time via phone or email if any items requested are not available. Any reservation request we can not fulfill will receive a 100% refund.

Cancellation Policy: We require 24 hours notice to cancel a rental reservation for full refund. Cancellations occurring after the 24 hr window has closed will receive a 50% refund. If you do not show up to pick up your reservation, the cost of the rental is forfeited.

Damaged Equipment: All damaged equipment will be subject to repair, replacement, or depreciation fees. All dollar amounts for fees will be decided by Next Adventure management and will be collected at the time of the return of the equipment. Fees can range up to the full MSRP value of the equipment, however we will always look at the rental history of the particular rental item and take previous use and condition into consideration.

Lost/Non-Returned equipment: All lost equipment will need to be paid for at time of agreed return. Any equipment not returned 2 days past the agreed return date will be charged full deposit values. Any lost or non-returned items can get a 50% refund of deposit amount if the equipment is found and returned, at Next Adventure management discretion. See the deposit value chart below.

Deposit: All rental items require a deposit. By agreeing to the terms and conditions you allow Next Adventure to amend the rental charge to the full deposit value, if any items are lost or damaged beyond repair. All rental transactions must be paid for with a credit card. At the time of the rental, only the cost of the rental items will be charged, not the full deposit value. See the deposit value chart below.

Refunds: When signing at the time of your rental pickup, you agree that all the items you are renting are sized and set-up correctly, all items are compatible, and are in sufficient and usable condition. Please work with your rental tech at time of pickup to understand the use and limitations of your rental gear. Next Adventure does not offer refunds due to weather, traffic, or other environmental factors.



Ski and Snowboard Item Deposit Value
Adult Ski $230
Adult Ski Boot $50
Poles $20
Premium Ski $700
Premium Boot $200
Demo Ski MSRP
Touring Ski MSRP
XC Ski $225
XC Boots $75
Adult Snowboard $200
Adult SB Boots $100
Premium Board $450
Demo Board MSRP
Splitboard $600
Ski Helmet $75
Paddle Sports Item Deposit Value
Recreational Kayak $750
Tandem Rec. Kayak $850
Inflatable Kayak $750
Tandem Inflatable $850
Canoe $600
Thermoform Kayak MSRP
Surf ski MSRP
Hobie Pedal Drive MSRP
Whitewater Kayak MSRP
Sea Kayak MSRP
Inflatable SUP $600
Hardshell SUP $750
Premium SUP MSRP
Paddles and Gear $30-$150
Premium Paddle MSRP



Mountaineering Gear, ETC. Deposit Value
Mountaineering Boots $300
Universal Crampon $75
Technical Crampon $200
Ice Axe $70
Ice Tool (per tool) $200
Climbing Helmet $60
Trekking poles $75
Crash Pad/td> $200
Rock Climbing Shoes $75
Bear Can $50