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Rossignol Alpine Ski Size Chart


Your choice of ski, boot design and size will always be a very personal and subjective decision. Here Rossignol have complied some factors that should be taken into account when deciding on which ski size to choose

Optimal ski length is determined according to (in order):

  • Weight
  • Physical Ability
  • skier height 
  • type of skier (aggressive vs non-aggressive)

Less aggressive skiers should choose a smaller size, while more aggressive and experienced skiers may want to choose a size up


How does it work?

  • 1. Measure your height (example - 175 cm)
  • 2. Define your skiing level (example - experienced)
  • 3. Choose your ski type (example - Piste)
  • 4. Calculate your required ski length (example - 175cm + Experienced (piste) = 175 + [-5.0] = [170, 175] cm
Skiing Level


(React / Nova)

All Mountain



(7 Series)

Beginner Your Height [-10 cm] Your Height [-10 cm] Your Height [-5cm]
Intermediate Your Height [-7 cm] Your Height [-5cm] Your Height
Experienced Your Height [-5cm] Your Height Your Height
Expert Your Height Your Height [+5cm] Your Height [+5cm]