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Blist-O-Ban SAM Medical Adhesive Grade Footwear Blister Protection- 4 pack


Blist-O-Ban SAM Medical Adhesive Grade Footwear Blister Protection- 4 pack

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Sawyer's ultra-thin, medical grade Blist-O-Ban adhesive bandages provides blister protection and helps stop and prevent footwear hot spots with patented friction and rubbing relief technology. Designed to help prevent blisters before they start, Blist-O-Ban transparent, breathable, water-resistant, and latex-free adhesive bandages are ideal for use over any blisters, hot spots, or injury prone areas. They’re perfect for breaking in a new pair of boots, going on a hike, heading out for a jog, or working a long walking shift on the job.

The Blist-O-Ban bandage features a patented dome that glides smoothly in all directions, deflecting friction and shear forces away from the skin. When a force is applied to the skin, the central dome collapses and produces a gliding movement, effectively redirecting the pressure vector away from the protected area.


  • Prevent blisters and hot spots when breaking in new shoes and boots; use for hiking, walking on the job, jogging, and all athletic activities
  • Thin bubble glides freely to absorb rubbing action and deflect friction away from the skin
  • Breathable, water-resistant, latex-free for multiday blister protection; includes 4 transparent adhesive bandages
  • More effective alternative to moleskin, roll-ons, and sprays
  • Bandages measure 2.6 x 1.5 inches