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Junior Witty Sgl 1819


Junior Witty Sgl 1819

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Scott Goggle Lens Tint Guide


  • VLT - Visible Light Transmission. This is a percentage based on the amount of light that will come through to your eyes. Generally, a higher percent VLT makes it easier to see through the lens in low-light conditions. A lower VLT percentage will be more useful during very bright conditions, and when dealing with harsh reflective glare from the sun. VLT % may vary between spherical and cylindrical lens shapes.
  • S1 (Low Light) - 43-80% VLT
  • S2 (Medium Light) - 18-43% VLT
  • S3 & S4 (Bright Light) - 0-18% VLT
  • Light Sensitive (S1-3, S2-3, S2-4): These lenses engage photochromic technology and adapt automatically to sunlight intensity. Within seconds the lens will darken when the brightness gets stronger or lighten when the sunlight gets weaker. The photochromic pigments are combined with a SCOTT Amplifier-based tint, which provides a super contrast even in low light conditions.
  • Illuminator (S1): Developed to let almost 90% of yellow and orange wave lengths pass the lens and emphasize the brightness perception, while shutting out the bad light to maintain a very good level of contrast and depth of perception.
  • Enhancer (S2): Combined with AMPLIFIER technology these enhance contrast in overcast and mixed conditions. Great for a variety of days.
  • Solar Blocker (S3): Offers excellent clarity by filtering out the harmful blue light during bright sunny days while keeping the natural contrasts, resulting in decreased dazzling effects and reduced fatigue coming from the high intensity ambient brightness.
  • Natural Light (S2-3): Enhance clarity and contrast while maintaining neutral lens tints.
  • Amplifier: utilizes a unique light transmission curve to optimize the transmission of key light waves that are most important to the human eye, so you can see more in every condition.


Illuminator / 43-80% VLT (S1)
Lens Tint
VLT Light Conditions Notes
Low to Medium Cloudy, Snowy, Foggy, Night
Blue Chrome 46%



Enhancer, Amplifier / 18-43% VLT (S2)
Lens Tint
VLT Light Conditions Notes
Purple Chrome 21%
Medium to Bright
Mixed and Overcast days, Cloudy, Sunny
Silver Chrome 22%
Teal Chrome 28%
Green Chrome 29%
Yelow Chrome 29%
Red Chrome 29%
Enhancer 31%



Solar Blocker / 10-13% VLT (S3)
Lens Tint
VLT Light Conditions Notes
Black Chrome
Bright Sunny days, Reduces harmful blue light rays
Red Chrome 11%
Blue Chrome 13%



Light Sensitive Photochromatic / 7-45% VLT (S1-S4)
Lens Tint
VLT Light Conditions Notes
Bronze Chrome 45-15%
Low to Bright Quickly changes VLT based on lighting
Red Chrome 30-11%
Blue Chrome 22-7%



Natural Light / 15-45% VLT (S2-S3)
Lens Tint
VLT Light Conditions Notes
NL-15 Black Chrome
15% Medium to Bright Sunny days, reduces glare
NL-32 Black Chrome 32% Medium Partly-cloudy, Sunny days
NL-20 Gold Chrome 20% Medium to Bright Partly-cloudy, Sunny days